a shrimp caught me eye


Hey there, I’m Brendan.
You don’t meet too many Brendans, really.
I guess the most famous Brendan is probably Brendan Fraser.
Excuse me, Academy Award winner Brendan Fraser.
I, unfortunately, have never won an Oscar.  
Sorry to disappoint.
But I am a proud member of the American Express™ family of cardholders.
My Delta Skymiles Gold Card number is 3765 567100 15256. 


Arts & Letters, 2021 - present
Fallon, 2018-2021
Carvana, 2017
VCU Brandcenter, 2016-2018


2022 Clios, Bronze (Experiential)
2022 Clios, Bronze (Fan Engagement)
2018 Richmond Ad Show, Silver